Today´s world economy is all about one thing and one thing only: “ADDED VALUE”! The can making industry is no exception. Can makers are struggling every day to be more and more competitive and, in other words, to provide this added value to their products, even without getting paid for it. The explosive price increase in the past few years for raw material, of course, has been a huge debtor to this ¨new world of can making¨. PROCAN focusses on the other two major factors that are contributing: technology and labor cost.

Peter Schoonewagen, Carlos Cabanelas and Gerardo Clemente join forces to create a young and dynamic company, where a unique synergy of a vast technological know-how and an extensive commercial network bring together a combined field experience of more than 70 years within the industry: PROCAN.

We at PROCAN are all about providing (custom-made) solutions to all can makers that request our services. We offer new can making machinery, ranging from separate machines to complete production lines. As a result of some strategic alliances, PROCAN is able to offer high-standard equipment at very competitive pricing.

Our main activities comprise:
Sale of newly manufactured can making machinery
Sale of refurbished used can making machinery
Refurbishing/ retooling of your can making machines, upon request
Manufacturing spare parts and tooling for virtually any can making machine
Providing training courses on site for virtually any can making machine, upon request
Turn-key projects (from A-Z)
“Manufacturing cans is your profession, making it possible is ours.”