PROcombi Pail

PROcombi Pail
Pail combination machine

  • Category: Combination Machines / Pail Making
  • Can diameter: up to 320 mm
  • Can Height: up to 500 mm
  • Production speed: Up to 40 Cans per minute
  • Power: 6 Kw
  • Dimensions: 6400 x 1900 x 2884 mm
  • Weight: 18000 Kgs.
  • Description: Fully automatic pail making line, flanging- bottom seaming ( triple seaming available as well) can turn-over device, pre curling ( die or roller type)- curling+beading. Servo controlled can transport system. All movements are mechanical operated, no hydraulic system
  • Earwelder and metal wire handle machine available as well:

PROCAN Pail combination line

PROCAN Pail combination line, slow motion